Sonntag, 30. Januar 2011

Privacy vs. Acceptance

In the last couple of months I've seen a lot of debate going on about privacy. Some people complain about the fact that privacy seems to disappear others see it as a positive evolution of cultures and then there are all those people who either don't care or simply go along with it.

I see why people like privacy, exhibitionism is not a common trait and people fear the judgement of others. Knowledge gives you power, if the balance between the knowledge others have about and you have about them shifts to either side disadvantages arise. Nevertheless I think there is something very important to gain by giving up privacy: acceptance of others or tolerance towards them.

The internet gives us the possibility to re-evaluate what society looks like, it provides us with a picture of an accuracy we have never seen before in the world where the media, which provided a mirror of society, filtered the information from the picture.

Ethics and morals will adjust to that new picture, what is considered normal and what not will switch.

The difference between what is considered normal and the people, we live and communicate with, the people we meet, might stay the same but by changing the view on what is normal acceptance will change for the better.

I believe that by providing a broader picture of society, a more accurate picture of society acceptance will be broader, people will not have to fear judgement of others (as much) and therefore are encouraged to develop themselves into what they want to be.

I believe in an open world, what do you believe in?

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